Stickers YO!

Where I work, I get the opportunity to create and design a nice variety of products. This time around, Stickers. This was a fun project to work on where I had to design all art form top to bottom; character art, logos for each design and layout of the package design. Below are just a […]


Photoshop Animation

I’ve been working in Flash for so long, I never really gave the animation tools in Photoshop a try. The past year or so, I’ve been diving into frame by frame animation using Photoshop and I got to say, I love it. I have two draw backs with it though. First, video timeline allows for […]


Jungle Critters

I had the opportunity to work on a bunch of juvenile themed character art. Very different style than I’m used to do, but fun none the less. Below is just one theme and a few samples. I hope to post more later.


Animated Pencil Tests

Well it truly has been a while. Almost two years ago I took an Art Director position which meant my personal animation projects and site took a back seat. The good thing is, I’ve managed to keep up with my character design, which I hope to post soon. However, lately I’ve had some time to […]


Schoolism Thoughts

For the past nine weeks, I’ve been enrolled in Stephen Silver’s “Fundamentals Of Character Design” class by way of Schoolism.com There are two ways to take the class online. The first is self taught which means you have access to the video lessons and assignments and the second way is the same as the first, […]


Something Fishy

I recently was hired by Brothers Young Productions in Georgia to create an animated segment for an event and attraction at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Georgia. The attraction features a Diver that has been cut out of paper by a lithe girl. When the little girl is called away for a bit the diver […]


Studio Bumper

What began as a desire to explore some frame by frame silly walks led to an usual studio bumper. All animation was done in Photoshop and then compiled in After Effects. The audio is something I messed around with in Garageband where I simply put various beats and sounds effects together. Below you can see […]


Spring Hill Development

This is the second year that I’ve had the opportunity to develop an intro character themed animation for Spring Hill Camps in Michigan. The camp puts on these weekly skits so each character in the animation is acted out onstage by live actors. I’m hoping to get some photos to share of the actors portrayed […]



Last year I illustrated a kids book for B&H Publishing and it got me itching to do something of my own. I have two books in the works and will be releasing them as ibooks through iTunes. The first is one that was originally written and illustrated by my daughter for a school assignment. When […]


Ready For My Closeup

Any chance I get to physically build and craft something by hand I jump at the opportunity. As I work on a new toon, I decided to add some extreme closeup shots in order to add a bit more interest and give scenes an unexpected element. Extreme close ups are nothing new, Ren & Stimpy, […]