Show Intros

The animations on this page represent just a few of the many cartoons Foster Animation has produced for it’s clients. To see more of our animations, CLICK HERE to visit our vimeo page.

Show Intros are a must if you’re creating well…uh…a show! Let us create one for you.

All art including character design created by Foster Animation.

Spring Hill Camps.

Spies are everywhere!! This cool intro was produced for Spring Hill Camps. The theme this year is “Spies” and each character in the video are based on performers that present a weekly series of skits.

Rosalie’s Creative Corner from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Rosalie’s Creative Corner.

A fun little intro for a craft spot featuring Rosalie. Created for Anagram Intl.

Marvin The Time Traveling Pig Intro from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Marvin The Time Traveling Pig.

This neat show features Marvin, an inventor and time traveler. Along with his niece and nephew, he travels back through Bible times learning first hand from key figures of the Bible. Instead of a theme song, we went with a narrative approach to set the show up with lively music that features a home made cigarbox guitar of all things!