The animations on this page represent just a few of the many cartoons Foster Animation has produced for it’s clients. To see more of our animations, CLICK HERE to visit our vimeo page.

Commercials, Info-mercials, Corporate videos are a great form of media to quickly convey news of products to your audience and internal workforce.

All art including character design created by Foster Animation.

Jelly Telly Press

Animated and Motion Graphic info video on the launching of Jelly Telly Press.
Video Editing: Bill Ebel

Give A Hoot Book Trailer from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Foster Animation. Give A Hoot Children’s Book.

A fun fast moving children’s book trailer created by Father & Daughter team, Michael & Katelyn Foster. A clever little tale of how a young owl goes from the student in school who could not hoot, to a hooting champion. Now available at the iTunes Bookstore for the iPad.

Anagram Helium Savers from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Anagram Intl. Helium Savers.

Who knew there was an actual helium shortage? And for a company like Anagram Intl. perhaps the largest mylar party balloon company that is a serious thing. We were asked to create a short info-mercial to inform stores of the shortage and the solution that Anagram came up with.

QR BALLOON INFO from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

QR Balloons.

You know those little square code looking things that are virtually on everything these days? You scan them with your smart phone and BOOM! you linked to a site or get a free coupon or see a video. We were asked by Anagram Intl. to design a series of QR balloons. Fun balloons with QR codes printed on them and when scanned whisk you to a little animated video that features the artwork on the balloon. Pretty cool huh?

The Slug And Ant Show™ from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

The Slug And Ant Show

The Slug And Ant Show, a popular Christian pre school show needed a commercial for their debut DVD release.