Music Videos

The animations on this page represent just a few of the many cartoons Foster Animation has produced for it’s clients. To see more of our animations, CLICK HERE to visit our vimeo page.

Music Videos, need I say more? 🙂

All art including character design created by Foster Animation unless otherwise noted.

Charlie Peacock.

What started out as a fan based music video for Charlie Peacock’s song “Let The Dog Back In The House” turned into the official music video for the song by Mr. Peacock himself.

The Rizers.

The Rizers are a fun cartoon band that put Bible verses to music and the music is really fun. It’s a great way to help kids and adults memorize Bible verses. We actually created 10 music videos, one for each song on the album. The one above is one of my favorites because we got to take the characters that were not designed by us, and turn them into 8 bit characters and place them in the world of vintage arcade games.