Toons Drivin’ Cars


So this was an interesting project with a very tight deadline. We’re talking a day, Yikes!

Friends of mine who own and operate Beard & Bowler, a video production company located in Dumont New Jersey asked me to do something different for them on their latest Vlog on youtube. They wanted to be turned into cartoons for the intro of their vlog.

Since they do a lot of their filming in their car, I suggested they mount their camera on their dashboard and somehow film the car moving, but not be in it. I mean come on, a static shot just wouldn’t do. 🙂 Amazingly enough, they did it.

They supplied me with raw footage of the car moving, a voice of clip and let me just run with it. I gotta tell you, it was a lot fun. Compositing the shot was a little tricky. Since I didn’t have the time to motion track the characters with the subtle movements of the car, I used a static shot of the car, masked out the windows and dropped the video behind it to allow the movement of the scenery to show through. I then masked out just the dashboard and dropped it on top of the characters. I think the method works.

Below you will see the video clips I did as well as the vlog they did that featured Foster Animation. Thanks guys!

I also added a few screen grabs to show some of the layers used to create the scene.

BB_CAR_ANIMATED_SEGEMENTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.




Real Objects & 2D Animation


Lately I’ve been taking real objects and combining them with 2D flat animation. Below are a few animated tests and screen grabs. I took a real lime and strawberry and used them as the bodies of animated characters then placed them in some footage I took of my dirty kitchen counter. All animation was done in Flash. I had to do some simple motion tracking in After Effects to marry the characters with the scenes. I’m really liking the combination and it’s a nice change of pace. Plus I think it’s kind of visually interesting and unexpected.

LIME_COMP_v2_COMP from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Strawberry Yoga from Foster Animation on Vimeo.





Stickers YO!

Where I work, I get the opportunity to create and design a nice variety of products. This time around, Stickers. This was a fun project to work on where I had to design all art form top to bottom; character art, logos for each design and layout of the package design.

Below are just a few samples that were produced.





Photoshop Animation


I’ve been working in Flash for so long, I never really gave the animation tools in Photoshop a try. The past year or so, I’ve been diving into frame by frame animation using Photoshop and I got to say, I love it. I have two draw backs with it though. First, video timeline allows for audio which is nice, but you can’t scrub through the audio for things like lip syncing dialogue. Second, I should have started sooner, haha.

Below are a number of looping gif tests done in Photoshop as well some of the key positions.







Jungle Critters

I had the opportunity to work on a bunch of juvenile themed character art. Very different style than I’m used to do, but fun none the less. Below is just one theme and a few samples. I hope to post more later.