Real Objects & 2D Animation


Lately I’ve been taking real objects and combining them with 2D flat animation. Below are a few animated tests and screen grabs. I took a real lime and strawberry and used them as the bodies of animated characters then placed them in some footage I took of my dirty kitchen counter. All animation was done in Flash. I had to do some simple motion tracking in After Effects to marry the characters with the scenes. I’m really liking the combination and it’s a nice change of pace. Plus I think it’s kind of visually interesting and unexpected.

LIME_COMP_v2_COMP from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Strawberry Yoga from Foster Animation on Vimeo.





Stickers YO!

Where I work, I get the opportunity to create and design a nice variety of products. This time around, Stickers. This was a fun project to work on where I had to design all art form top to bottom; character art, logos for each design and layout of the package design.

Below are just a few samples that were produced.





Photoshop Animation


I’ve been working in Flash for so long, I never really gave the animation tools in Photoshop a try. The past year or so, I’ve been diving into frame by frame animation using Photoshop and I got to say, I love it. I have two draw backs with it though. First, video timeline allows for audio which is nice, but you can’t scrub through the audio for things like lip syncing dialogue. Second, I should have started sooner, haha.

Below are a number of looping gif tests done in Photoshop as well some of the key positions.







Jungle Critters

I had the opportunity to work on a bunch of juvenile themed character art. Very different style than I’m used to do, but fun none the less. Below is just one theme and a few samples. I hope to post more later.





Animated Pencil Tests


Well it truly has been a while. Almost two years ago I took an Art Director position which meant my personal animation projects and site took a back seat. The good thing is, I’ve managed to keep up with my character design, which I hope to post soon.

However, lately I’ve had some time to do a few animated pencil tests. Some walk cycles and some silly actions. Below are a few of them. Hope you enjoy.

FA_ROSE_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_ELI_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_BARKLEY_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_WOODY_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.