Photoshop Animation


I’ve been working in Flash for so long, I never really gave the animation tools in Photoshop a try. The past year or so, I’ve been diving into frame by frame animation using Photoshop and I got to say, I love it. I have two draw backs with it though. First, video timeline allows for audio which is nice, but you can’t scrub through the audio for things like lip syncing dialogue. Second, I should have started sooner, haha.

Below are a number of looping gif tests done in Photoshop as well some of the key positions.







Jungle Critters

I had the opportunity to work on a bunch of juvenile themed character art. Very different style than I’m used to do, but fun none the less. Below is just one theme and a few samples. I hope to post more later.





Animated Pencil Tests


Well it truly has been a while. Almost two years ago I took an Art Director position which meant my personal animation projects and site took a back seat. The good thing is, I’ve managed to keep up with my character design, which I hope to post soon.

However, lately I’ve had some time to do a few animated pencil tests. Some walk cycles and some silly actions. Below are a few of them. Hope you enjoy.

FA_ROSE_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_ELI_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_BARKLEY_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

FA_WOODY_TESTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

Schoolism Thoughts


For the past nine weeks, I’ve been enrolled in Stephen Silver’s “Fundamentals Of Character Design” class by way of

There are two ways to take the class online. The first is self taught which means you have access to the video lessons and assignments and the second way is the same as the first, but with the added feature of video critiques. I took the latter and must say I’m glad I did.

Stephen provides a video assessment for each assignment. He not only explains ways in which to improve upon your character design, but draws directly on top of your designs giving you a visual reference. He’s very encouraging, but will also give you a little punch in the gut when he sees areas that need improvement. For me, those little jabs were what I needed. I thought my character designing was pretty good at the start, but quickly began to see things that I needed work on. Things like avoiding tangents, drawing through my shapes, understanding the human form better, breaking forms down into the simple shapes and being loose within a design.

What I also liked was how Stephen stressed the fact that we each have a style and that the goal at the end of the class was not to be mimicking his style but rather to learn the methods and techniques that has aided him in our own style. If that makes sense.

At any rate, if you have the time and the funds, I highly recommend the class. Below are a few random images from the class.










Something Fishy

I recently was hired by Brothers Young Productions in Georgia to create an animated segment for an event and attraction at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Georgia.

The attraction features a Diver that has been cut out of paper by a lithe girl. When the little girl is called away for a bit the diver is whisked away by the wind and plunged into the deep sea passing various sea life creatures along the way. When the animation finishes it fades to black and the next stage of the attraction begins with a live action Diver mascot character leading a sea life parade through the aquarium. Puppets, Acrobats and craft events for the kids are all part of the attraction. Pretty neat huh?

The look and feel of the animation is very different than what I normally do. The approach was a primitive cut construction paper feel almost like the old felt boards that were used in schools and churches. The animation itself was purposely very limited as well.

Below are a number of images and designs as well as the finished animation segment. If you happen to be in Atlanta go check it out. I’m hoping to get a few photos from the attraction to post.

Georgia Aquarium Animation segment from Foster Animation on Vimeo.