2018 Illustration Portfolio


Get your copy now!!! No seriously, help support a humble artist by downloading a new 20 page Illustration portfolio featuring character design, background art, fan art and even some creative type treatments and children’s books. Then, share it, because Yes, I’m for hire!


Product Animations


These videos were fun to make and a bit of a challenge. Moth & Rust is a new ministry company dedicated to teaching and sharing the Bible. One way is through the teachings of some of the most influential Reformed Preachers, such as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther & John Calvin.

One way to raise some seed funds was to design and hand make a set of three mini notepads featuring the fore mentioned reformers and highlighting some their quotes. Yes, 25 sets of three, 75 individual notepads and a lot of paper cuts all handmade. They were all sold out in a matter of a week and I’d like to think it had something to do with three videos created to promote them. And I must say, the quality was superb. :)

The first video was simply a montage of how the books were made. The other two were experiments with stop motion and lip sync or in this case, eye blinks and eyebrow gestures.

Fun creative project to work on and I hope to do it again, that is once my paper cuts heal up. :)

Jelly Telly Press


Jelly Telly Adds Publishing

Had an opportunity to do some character design and animation for a video introducing Jelly Telly Press, an extension of Jelly Telly an online cartoon network focused on promoting Christian Biblical values.

You can watch the video below for more information. Video editing was done by Bill Ebel from Jelly Telly and their parent company, Creative Trust.

I also added view development sketches, one of which is do cartoon versions of Phil Vischer (original creator of Jelly Telly and Veggie Tales) as well as the many puppets he voices.

JellyTelly Press Promo from Foster Animation on Vimeo.



Animated Logos


Been taking some logo designs that I’ve done over the years and experimenting with some animated logos. No character design, but a lot of the same principles apply; anticipation, squash & stretch, follow through…

Really fun to work on and the possibilities and varieties are endless. Below is a montage I put together along with a few screen grabs.

So if you need a logo animation or even a logo design created, drop me a line.

FA_ANIMATED_LOGOS_COMP from Foster Animation on Vimeo.


Toons Drivin’ Cars


So this was an interesting project with a very tight deadline. We’re talking a day, Yikes!

Friends of mine who own and operate Beard & Bowler, a video production company located in Dumont New Jersey asked me to do something different for them on their latest Vlog on youtube. They wanted to be turned into cartoons for the intro of their vlog.

Since they do a lot of their filming in their car, I suggested they mount their camera on their dashboard and somehow film the car moving, but not be in it. I mean come on, a static shot just wouldn’t do. :) Amazingly enough, they did it.

They supplied me with raw footage of the car moving, a voice of clip and let me just run with it. I gotta tell you, it was a lot fun. Compositing the shot was a little tricky. Since I didn’t have the time to motion track the characters with the subtle movements of the car, I used a static shot of the car, masked out the windows and dropped the video behind it to allow the movement of the scenery to show through. I then masked out just the dashboard and dropped it on top of the characters. I think the method works.

Below you will see the video clips I did as well as the vlog they did that featured Foster Animation. Thanks guys!

I also added a few screen grabs to show some of the layers used to create the scene.

BB_CAR_ANIMATED_SEGEMENTS from Foster Animation on Vimeo.