Shuffle It

Not too long ago, Stephen Silver, character designer extrordiniare put out a simple but very useful app. It’s called Character Design Shuffle. I love it. It’s a neat way to help break that staleness or artists block or even start your work day off.

Basically it’s set up like a slot machine, with a variety of categories; Character, Gender, Outfit, Action, Age…and several others. You never know what combination may come up and that’s what makes this a neat app. It keeps you on your toes. For me, I never know what kind of character or situation a client may ask to have created and the app is a neat way to prepare for that unpredictability.

Here are a few of my own designs using the app. As well as a link to get the app for yourself. Lastly, once you
design it, share it with others on the Character Design Shuffle facebook group.

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