The Cartoon Logo

I’ve been working in the art field for roughly 21 years. I got my start doing graphic design. Logos, letterheads that sort of thing. My first job was very humbling to say the least, it was designing Yellowpage adds in the phonebook. Have you ever looked at a yellowpage add? Talk about the bottom of the graphic design food chain.

Now that I do character design and animation, I must say those first years in graphics has helped me today as a designer and one thing I really enjoy now is designing a cartoon logo or “title” for many of the toons I pitch and develop. To me, an inviting Title is just as important as character designs.

Below are a few of the cartoon logos I’ve done over the years.


2 Responses to “The Cartoon Logo”

  1. Very, very very nice job! I follow your work since 2006 and always paid attention to the cartoon logos. Love the colors! All the best!

  2. Jessica says:

    I like your logos! The colors and design are very appealing 🙂