A Mysterious Labor Of Love

What do you do when your daughter comes home with a bunch of character drawings that she and her friends did along with a story idea and asks you to draw them in your style and make it into a cartoon? You get to work, that’s what you do. Their idea is simply called, “My Mysterious Middle School.” The story of a regular girl being transferred to a very bizarre middle school. Here are a few of the characters that my daughter and her friends did along with my version of them. Enjoy.


4 Responses to “A Mysterious Labor Of Love”

  1. Love both styles! My daughter did the same last year.
    Keep updated.
    All the best!

  2. fosteranimation says:

    Thanks Carlos, Isn’t it fun? I love seeing my kids drawings and drawing with them.

  3. Jessica says:

    Aww this is so sweet! I love seeing how you interpret their drawings 🙂

  4. Josh says:

    This is too fun! I’ll second (third?) the fun that it is to draw with our kids.