A Little Glimpse

Below is a sample Character Library to show a little glimpse into Flash animation. A Character Library or Character Pack contains all the elements of a cartoon character; hands, eyes, mouth, body, legs…and so on. All these elements have to be drawn first in order to be able to animate a character. If this step isn’t done, animating is difficult.

Now there are times when animation begins after the character pack has been created that a new hand pose or body position might be needed that will have to be added or created on the fly, but for the most part the majority of the library has been made.

My philosophy is to go overboard on a character pack so that animation is a fun experience.

I also took a screen shot of a working Flash file showing all the individual parts of a character performing an action. Each one of those little black dots equals a movement. This one is actually very “tame” in comparison with others

The little character below is the animation that corresponds with those little black dots. Crazy huh? Just click the image to see it in action.

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