I’ve spent years developing pitch books and pitching them to networks and studios. One actually got optioned a few years back by a reputable studio that further developed it and put it through the system. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked up all though it did garner some interest & it was a great learning experience. (I’m trying to get permission to showcase this pitch from the studio and hope to post it at some point.)

In my limited experience, I’ve heard that a pitch book should be short and sweet, others say it should have animation attached to it complete with how the property could translate to toys and such. I think it depends on the network and their preferences. But, a good idea is key despite the length of a pitch book in my humble opinion.

I’ve always started with an idea and then character development. For this new idea however, it started with a rough sketch of three characters posted below. The story, which I won’t outline now, came later. I also decided I wanted to see these characters in action, so I decided to start working on an intro teaser which is also posted below. Thanks to some great feedback on it, I’ll be adding some character hits and then work it up in color. Then it’s onto the overall pitch book; character profiles, background designs, story, episode concepts.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.





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