Something Fishy

I recently was hired by Brothers Young Productions in Georgia to create an animated segment for an event and attraction at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Georgia.

The attraction features a Diver that has been cut out of paper by a lithe girl. When the little girl is called away for a bit the diver is whisked away by the wind and plunged into the deep sea passing various sea life creatures along the way. When the animation finishes it fades to black and the next stage of the attraction begins with a live action Diver mascot character leading a sea life parade through the aquarium. Puppets, Acrobats and craft events for the kids are all part of the attraction. Pretty neat huh?

The look and feel of the animation is very different than what I normally do. The approach was a primitive cut construction paper feel almost like the old felt boards that were used in schools and churches. The animation itself was purposely very limited as well.

Below are a number of images and designs as well as the finished animation segment. If you happen to be in Atlanta go check it out. I’m hoping to get a few photos from the attraction to post.

Georgia Aquarium Animation segment from Foster Animation on Vimeo.

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