Process of Character Design


Thought I’d post a few character designs for a new toon concept and share a bit on how I go about creating a character. First, I like to dim the lights, peel open a box of Walmarts finest wine, listen to the sweet sounds of Air Supply’s greatest hits and contemplate how character design fits […]

Studio Bumper 2


Here’s the latest in my endeavor to create a few random studio bumpers. It started as a way to get my kids to eat their vegetables. Foster Animation Bumper 02 from Salty Graphic Studio on Vimeo.

Studio Bumper 2: Development


In between jobs I’ve been working on a few studio bumpers. Random silly animations to showcase Foster Animation. I decided to show a few sketches, color examples and some animated loops for this next one. Stay tuned for more. Studio Bumper Tests from Salty Graphic Studio on Vimeo.

Random Project Sketches


Been busy, which these days is a good thing. Below are a number of character designs in progress for several jobs. I’ll be posting more as they progress.

Studio Bumper 01


Been working on a few studio bumpers. This being the first one. All I can say is that it was a late night. Stay tuned for more. Foster Animation Bumper 01 from Salty Graphic Studio on Vimeo.