Original Toon Has Landed

Had an opportunity to work on an original cartoon with Ryan Hostetler called Cornchip & Jellybean. We had around 3 weeks to produce the entire project which was shown to thousands of kids at Big Stuf camps in Florida. The response has been very positive and we’re hoping to produce more so stay tuned. After […]

Back It Up!!

There was a time that I did not like creating backgrounds. Actually I take that back, it was a struggle for me. To take these scenes in my head and translate them to paper was a difficult task, but like anything else, with persistence and study and finding inspiration from seasoned background artists things began […]

Character Design Galore

Here are a number of character designs for various clients. I won’t go into detail right now about each job, but you can see from a few of the sketches the development. Keep checking back for more updates. 🙂

Cornchip & Jellybean

Not long ago, my good friend Ryan Hostetler from Silly Monster Media LLC were hired to produce a few animations for Big Stuf camps in Florida. We were asked to produce one of our own cartoons to be shown and well of course we couldn’t turn that opportunity down. We ran with a concept that […]