A Little Glimpse

Below is a sample Character Library to show a little glimpse into Flash animation. A Character Library or Character Pack contains all the elements of a cartoon character; hands, eyes, mouth, body, legs…and so on. All these elements have to be drawn first in order to be able to animate a character. If this step […]

More Backgrounds

Decided to post a few more background designs. They’re all for various projects that have recently been completed.

DVD Stills

I’ve been involved on Phil Vischer’s “What’s In The Bible” DVD series for a few years providing character design, background design and animation for this great series . Here’s a few random stills on some of the animations I did for DVD 3 and 4.


Working hard on many animations for Anagram International in Minnesota and I decided to share a few background designs from a few of them. To me, the environment is just as important as the character.

What’s In A Name?

After much contemplation I’ve decided to say goodbye to Salty Graphic Studio LLC and change the company name to simply Foster Animation LLC. Why? Simply because the former name didn’t say what I do which is character design, cartoon & animation. The former name implied that I did logo designs and website designs and as […]