Studio Bumper

What began as a desire to explore some frame by frame silly walks led to an usual studio bumper. All animation was done in Photoshop and then compiled in After Effects. The audio is something I messed around with in Garageband where I simply put various beats and sounds effects together. Below you can see […]


Spring Hill Development

This is the second year that I’ve had the opportunity to develop an intro character themed animation for Spring Hill Camps in Michigan. The camp puts on these weekly skits so each character in the animation is acted out onstage by live actors. I’m hoping to get some photos to share of the actors portrayed […]



Last year I illustrated a kids book for B&H Publishing and it got me itching to do something of my own. I have two books in the works and will be releasing them as ibooks through iTunes. The first is one that was originally written and illustrated by my daughter for a school assignment. When […]


Ready For My Closeup

Any chance I get to physically build and craft something by hand I jump at the opportunity. As I work on a new toon, I decided to add some extreme closeup shots in order to add a bit more interest and give scenes an unexpected element. Extreme close ups are nothing new, Ren & Stimpy, […]


Super Duper

Another cartoon in the works. This time it features Simon, a young imaginative fourth grader who dreams of being a super hero. Actually this one has been floating around for far too long and has gone through a number of changes design wise. I finally arrived at a look and feel that I liked. All […]


Steppin’ Into Backgrounds

Backgrounds have always been a great interest of mine, but also a struggle to create. That’s why I do them. I’m currently working on a project and after doing several vector driven backgrounds I decided to ditch them all and spend time and effort in creating texture driven versions and I’m glad I did. I […]


A Big Thanks

As the year is coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the great clients I had this year. The various jobs presented their own unique but exciting challenges. I’m very grateful that you all trusted me to provide you with character design, illustration and animation in […]


Shuffle It

Not too long ago, Stephen Silver, character designer extrordiniare put out a simple but very useful app. It’s called Character Design Shuffle. I love it. It’s a neat way to help break that staleness or artists block or even start your work day off. Basically it’s set up like a slot machine, with a variety […]


An Experiment In Brush & Ink

For those that know me, I love Mid Century art especially in kids books. One of my favorite artists and authors is Jack Kent. Pen & ink, brush & ink with minimal colors with a lot of negative space. So good! At any rate, I wanted to do some experimenting myself with brush & ink, […]


Mini Sketchbook PDF Version

Well this took a bit longer to post than I thought. I’m finally getting around to adding a mini sketchbook promo I did some time back as a downloadable pdf file. If you got the actual sketchbook, the pdf may be a little different, but just in layout. At least I think. At any rate, […]