I’ve spent years developing pitch books and pitching them to networks and studios. One actually got optioned a few years back by a reputable studio that further developed it and put it through the system. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked up all though it did garner some interest & it was a great learning experience. […]

2018 Illustration Portfolio

Get your copy now!!! No seriously, help support a humble artist by downloading a new 20 page Illustration portfolio featuring character design, background art, fan art and even some creative type treatments and children’s books. Then, share it, because Yes, I’m for hire! Thanks!

Product Animations

These videos were fun to make and a bit of a challenge. Moth & Rust is a new ministry company dedicated to teaching and sharing the Bible. One way is through the teachings of some of the most influential Reformed Preachers, such as Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther & John Calvin. One way to raise some […]

Jelly Telly Press

Jelly Telly Adds Publishing Had an opportunity to do some character design and animation for a video introducing Jelly Telly Press, an extension of Jelly Telly an online cartoon network focused on promoting Christian Biblical values. You can watch the video below for more information. Video editing was done by Bill Ebel from Jelly Telly […]

Animated Logos

Been taking some logo designs that I’ve done over the years and experimenting with some animated logos. No character design, but a lot of the same principles apply; anticipation, squash & stretch, follow through… Really fun to work on and the possibilities and varieties are endless. Below is a montage I put together along with […]

Toons Drivin’ Cars

So this was an interesting project with a very tight deadline. We’re talking a day, Yikes! Friends of mine who own and operate Beard & Bowler, a video production company located in Dumont New Jersey asked me to do something different for them on their latest Vlog on youtube. They wanted to be turned into […]

Real Objects & 2D Animation

Lately I’ve been taking real objects and combining them with 2D flat animation. Below are a few animated tests and screen grabs. I took a real lime and strawberry and used them as the bodies of animated characters then placed them in some footage I took of my dirty kitchen counter. All animation was done […]

Stickers YO!

Where I work, I get the opportunity to create and design a nice variety of products. This time around, Stickers. This was a fun project to work on where I had to design all art form top to bottom; character art, logos for each design and layout of the package design. Below are just a […]

Photoshop Animation

I’ve been working in Flash for so long, I never really gave the animation tools in Photoshop a try. The past year or so, I’ve been diving into frame by frame animation using Photoshop and I got to say, I love it. I have two draw backs with it though. First, video timeline allows for […]

Jungle Critters

I had the opportunity to work on a bunch of juvenile themed character art. Very different style than I’m used to do, but fun none the less. Below is just one theme and a few samples. I hope to post more later.